As a subscriber to FORMED as a group admin, parishioner, or individual subscriber, users are entitled to stream their On Demand content at any time with the use of an internet connection. For parishes that have poor internet connectivity or would prefer to view their FORMED content wihtout the need of an internet connection, On Demand Downloads and FORMED Library Downloads now make that possible!

On Demand Downloads
On Demand Downloads are the ability for FORMED On Demand subscribers with an active Market Credit Plan to download FORMED On Demand content onto their iOS app. This content is exclusive to the content provided by the On Demand subscription. On Demand content can be streamed by an On Demand user at any time., but downloading the content to the user's iOS app will allow the user to view the content without the need of an internet connection.

Market Library Downloads
Market Library downloads are different than On Demand Downloads because this specific content can be downloaded from a user's Library to their iOS app. Any content a user has purchased from the FORMED Market is made available in their FORMED Library (with no On Demand subscription needed) to stream anytime. Downloading the content to their iOS app, this content can be played anytime without the need of internet connection.

For any users subscribed to FORMED On Demand, purchasing a credit plan from the FORMED Market will allow that user to download both On Demand content and any purchases made in the FORMED Library onto their iOS app.